Material, Design & Testing

We use a lightweight, water-proof, wind-proof, breathable and rip-proof material that is often used in the sailing world due to its durability and high quality. Alma, our chief tester has worn these trousers in some of the UK’s worst weather and most challenging terrain and after countless washes they are still as good as new.

The trousers have been tried and tested on hundreds of dogs, all shapes and sizes. Most dogs will not even notice they are on and will carry on as normal, leaping and charging about and others may need a little more time to get used to them. We advise some dogs may need up to 10 walks to realize they can still do everything they would normally do on a walk. For those extra wet or cold days our trousers can be worn with any other type of traditional coat.

Machine washable at 30 degrees or easily rinse out by hand.

Less restrictive than all other dog coats and onesies on the market. We cover only what needs covering.

Simple, comfortable design which allows dogs to still answer the call of nature.

Dries quickly – ready for the next walk!

Reflective strip along back for those dark walks.

Specialist Velcro for a snug fit around leg.

Soft adjustable straps.

Suitable for dogs with allergies or dogs post surgery that don’t like wearing the dreaded cones!